Our philosophy

Closeness is a telecommunications company and local operator dedicated to optical fiber deployment that offers its fiber internet and wifi services as well as telephony and television in Moraira, Teulada, Benissa and surroundings.

As the name of the brand itself indicates, our main objective is to connect and bring people together. To do this, we use the latest and most innovative advances in everything related to connectivity and technology.

With 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we are currently one of the Internet service providers with the largest coverage in the area and the best quality/price relation in the local market.

Frequently Asked Questions

By fiber optics we understand the transmission of information through a glass or plastic filament through which pulses of laser or LED light travel containing the data to be transferred.

Through this transmission of light, information can be sent and received at high speed through the cable, safe from electromagnetic interference and with speeds much higher than radio speeds.

All this is what allows us to communicate with hardly any loss of information and to establish high-performance, long-distance networks.

What main benefits does fiber optics offer us compared to other telecommunications systems?

  1. The main benefit offered by fiber optics is the high speed of data transmission, thus guaranteeing the established speeds (both upload and download).
  2. It offers high bandwidth and unlimited, continuous “congestion-free” access. In addition, it is a much more secure connection and intrusion is easily detected.
  3. The cables are made to be resistant to heat, cold or corrosion, offering a fairly long lifespan.
  4. It is easily installed as it takes up little space and is ecological due to its energy savings and the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

At Closeness we offer you high-quality fiber optics as we were pioneers in offering symmetrical 50 MB in the municipality of Benissa while other companies only offered ADSL. Until a few years later, when the deployment was made in the towns of Teulada-Moraira both in the urban area and in urbanizations. Currently we have a connection speed of up to 1000 MB.

From the moment of contracting, it can take between 24 and 72 hours to assemble the fiber or Wi-Fi. It all depends on the influx of facilities we have at that time.

Once you have your appointment and, as long as the installation is possible in your home, the start-up will be between 1h – 2h. When the technicians leave, everything will be activated so that you can start enjoying the services at the same time.

To check the real speed of your internet line, we recommend you before performing the test:

  1. Connect the PC to the router via cable with a CAT6 Ethernet cable connected to port 1 or 4 of the router. The speed tests carried out with wifi do not give real data and, therefore, they do not always reach the maximum speed.
  2. The tests must be done with a computer, never with mobile devices, Playstation or tablets.
  3. Make sure you close all open apps and programs on all devices and that no other devices are connected to the router's Wi-Fi internet connection.
  4. Deactivate the antivirus and keep in mind that there are devices that, due to their network card, do not allow more than 100MB of speed.
  5. You must bear in mind that the tests carried out through a website can be altered during peak hours and due to various factors. We recommend doing them through an App such as SpeedTest, free to download and easy to use.

If after performing the speed test, the results obtained are not as expected, you can contact our technical support team by attaching a screenshot of the test carried out in soporte@closeness.es and we will try to resolve the incident in the shortest time possible.

Please note that the results depend on many factors. If you want to review your contracted rate or resolve any other questions, you can contact the customer service team at info@closeness.es

You can do the test in this link: https://www.closeness.es/test-de-velocidad/


To check the access speed that our equipment has, we must access the network card of our computer.

First, we take a Windows 10 computer as an example, as this is the most common system.

  1. We look in our home bar on the far right for the connection symbol.
  2. We right click on the symbol and an options menu will open, in which we select "open network and internet settings".
  3. Once inside, the network card configuration will open. We select the “state” option, which is the one that will open by default and press the “view network properties” option. This will take us to the settings in which we can see the network card that we have and it indicates the speeds that the equipment can handle.


  1. Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner.
  2. A menu will be displayed where we will find the option 'system preferences' that takes us to the control panel.
  3. Once we are inside the control panel, click on the 'network' option
  4. We choose the 'Ethernet' option and click on 'advanced'.
  5. We select the 'Hardware' tab.
  6. In 'speed' we will see the capacity of our card and the maximum speed that our device supports.

The speed will vary depending on the contracted rate. If, for example, the rate you have is 1000mb fiber optic, this means that the connection can reach this speed.

Does this imply that the "data" runs out during the month? No, what this number indicates is the speed at which you can navigate, but you can enjoy unlimited connection throughout the month both in the fiber optic option and in the Wi-Fi options.

Although there are currently several municipalities that have Closeness fiber optics, there are many rural or scattered areas that currently do not have this technology and can receive our connection via WiFi (satellite) through an antenna.

Check the coverage!


If the fiber does not reach your home, check our Wi-Fi coverage. The best alternative to fiber for areas without access to it!


We are used to Internet connections (especially ADSL connections) involving the installation of a fixed line for its operation.

Currently, and because fiber optics does not work through copper cables, it is not necessary to hire a fixed line to be able to enjoy the internet at home.

In any case, at Closeness we have rates for fixed lines and we have the option whether you want to keep your old phone number or if you need a new number.
Estas son las dos tarifas que podemos ofrecerte (ambas para conexión de fibra o wifi):


If you have noticed something strange in the connection or feel that the Wi-Fi is going too slowly, someone is probably trying to connect to your network.

Contact our support team by email soporte@closeness.es indicando tu nombre, apellidos y DNI (los mismos que en el contrato) y solicítales que cambien el nombre de tu red wifi y la contraseña para una mayor seguridad.

If you want to hire Closeness services and you don't know how to do it, we provide you with the options below so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:


Come to one of our offices in Moraira, Teulada or Benissa to receive information or contract the services.



You can also contact us at the phone number 965271600 or via email info@closeness.es
For greater comfort, you can carry out the procedures by email.


If any of the two previous options is impossible for you, we have a commercial team that can come to your home and do the necessary paperwork.

When you have signed the contract, our team will contact you to inform you about the day and time that the installation will be done.

Once you have the services activated with us, do not forget to contact your previous operator to cancel your internet contract with them.

Nothing has ever been so easy!

We will only need you to bring your DNI/NIE/PASSPORT with you to verify your personal data and an active European bank account.

Whether the contract is for fiber or Wi-Fi, you have the option of choosing the service with or without permanence, but the cost of the installation will be higher in the case of choosing the 'without permanence' option. Why? The permanence is established in the registration of Wi-Fi or fiber optic internet service because its facilities entail a high cost that the company faces practically in its entirety. Therefore, the installation price will be established based on the direction in which the installation is made, the complexity of the installation and the duration of the contract.

Mobile and fixed lines that do not go in a pack with internet do not acquire any permanence. You can cancel them at any time you want.

Contact us to learn about all the contracting options we offer.

Without fiber coverage in your home? Do not worry! With our new wireless connection system you can enjoy a high-quality and secure internet service.

A system that has equipment with much narrower channels that allow not to saturate the spectrum and achieve greater resistance against interference, offering better spectral efficiency and greater robustness.

How does it work?

It is a wireless connection system that allows devices to be connected without cables to a router that is in charge of transmitting the signal to these devices connected to the network. This router, at the same time, will be connected by cable to the antenna, in charge of receiving the satellite signal and transmitting it to the client.

What WiFi signal strength do we offer at Closeness and in what area could it be installed?

Check our Wi-Fi rates:


Areas with Wi-Fi coverage:


At Closeness we can not only offer you internet at home, we also have rates for mobile lines so that all your services are connected to us.

What do you need?

DNI / NIE / PASSPORT to verify your personal data and an active European bank account.

Also, always bring your sim card with you because if the line is prepaid with your current operator, we will need the card identification number (ICC).

We are a mobile operator with a long history and experience in the sector that will allow you to navigate at high speed with coverage in any corner of the country and Europe (with roaming activated) as with any other company.

First of all, check our packs https://www.closeness.es/fibra/ and once you are clear about which one best suits your needs, you can contract it by contacting us.

The registration process is very simple, once you have your contract signed, we will call you to give you an appointment for the installation. Once installed, we will request the portability of your mobile line. This usually takes between 24h – 72h. The technician will be in charge of giving you the sim card on the day of installation.

Finally, you will receive an email with the portability date so that you can change the sim card and not run out of service at any time.

What information will we need to request the mobile line from your current operator?

Name, surnames and DNI/NIE/PASSPORT… of the person who owns the line.

In addition, we also need your sim card identification number (ICC). That is almost always printed on it and is usually made up of 19 digits.

How long does a portability take to become effective?

From 24 to 72 hours.

What data do we need to register a new mobile line?

We will simply need you to bring your DNI/NIE/PASSPORT with you in order to make the contract.

How long does it take to create and register a new mobile line?

At least 15 minutes and at most 1 hour. In the blink of an eye you can start using your new line.


It is recommended to store the information in the device's own memory so that all the data is recorded in the phone.

  1. Access contacts from the main menu.
  2. Press the left button on the screen and a new menu will open where the import/export option will appear.
  3. Click on this button and select import from SIM card.
  4. It will ask you where you want to save the contacts and choose “in phone memory”.
  5. Select the contacts you want to copy and start the process.


As in an Android system, you must save the contacts on the device itself or in the cloud so as not to lose them when you change the card.

  1. Access the APP settings.
  2. Within settings, look for the "contacts" option and access it.
  3. Several options will appear, you have to go to where it says "import contacts from the sim".
  4. Once this option is selected, the mobile will ask you in which account you want to save the contacts.
  5. Select the alternative that suits you best and start the import.

You can remove the sim card and check that the contacts have been saved correctly where you have indicated.

Who has never run out of mobile data when the month is about to end? Contact us and in 15 minutes you will have internet again so you can continue browsing without problems. And don't worry about the payment! The amount will be charged to your bill for the following month. What are these bonuses? ADDITIONAL BONUS 1GB ADDITIONAL BONUS 3GB ADDITIONAL BONUS 5GB Although the bonuses are not automatically renewed, you can apply as many as you want per month. If this is not enough and you think that the rate is not tailored to your needs, you can change it at any time for a higher one with many more GB to browse without problems throughout the month. https://www.closeness.es/movil/

Do you need to call outside of Spain but you don't have a contracted rate that allows it?

Get in touch with us and we will give you the best options in international rates. Check them on our website.

If you don't need that much, we offer you international bonuses to enjoy for as long as you choose (1 month, 2 months...) since it renews automatically so you don't have to do anything.


Always stay connected even when you are outside of Spain!

In order to continue using your phone anywhere in the world, companies establish agreements with operators in other countries to allow them to use their networks. In this way, when you are outside of Spain, you will be using a telephone network that is not yours.

In which countries can I use my mobile phone?


Since 2017 an agreement was reached between the member countries of the European Union among which roaming was eliminated, that is, if you are in any of the countries listed below you can call Spain with the same conditions of your contracted rate .

If your rate has unlimited national calls, you can continue calling Spain unlimitedly and navigate as if you were at home. Calls to the country where you are located (or to others) will be billed according to the established rate. If your rate has international call minutes included, you will call with the same conditions.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.


In this area the prices are based on the standard rate applied.

Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Serbia, Monaco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland and Turkey.
Argelia, Marruecos y Túnez.
Bermudas, Canadá, Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.


In this area the prices are based on the standard rate applied.

Asia, rest of Africa, rest of America, Rest of Europe and Oceania.

If you want to know more about roaming prices, contact us by calling 965271600 or by email info@closeness.es so we can help you.

Activating roaming is very simple and will only take a few minutes.


  1. First of all, contact us to check that you have active roaming from the central
  2. Access the phone settings and click on mobile networks.
  3. Activate data roaming.


  1. First of all, contact us to check that you have active roaming from the central.
  2. We access the iPhone settings.
  3. Once in settings, click on mobile data.
  4. We go into options, then data roaming and activate it.

El APN es el punto de acceso necesario para establecer la conexión a internet entre el dispositivo móvil y el operador.

Normalmente se configura de manera automática al introducir la tarjeta SIM en el dispositivo, se reciben dos SMS que permiten autoconfigurar internet de forma automática y por defecto. Si tu móvil no lograra activarse automáticamente, te explicamos la forma de poder configurarlo manualmente en los diferentes sistemas operativos.


  1. Ve a Ajustes del teléfono
  2. Accede a Datos móviles
  3. Ahora pulsa en Red de datos móviles
  4. En el apartado PUNTO DE ACCESO escribe: internet
  5. En NOMBRE DE USUARIO escribe: internet
  6. Regresa atrás para guardar la configuración
  7. Por último, reinicia el terminal

ANDROID (versiones 2.3 y 4.4)

  1. Accede a Ajustes
  2. Accede a Conexiones inalámbricas
  3. Accede a Redes Móviles
  4. Accede a APN
  5. Pulsa menú y selecciona APN nuevo
  6. NOMBRE: internet
  7. APN: internet
  8. Pulsar icono de Menú y Guardar
  9. Selecciona el APN que acabas de crear
  10. Reiniciar móvil

ANDROID (versiones 5.0 y 5.1)

  1. Accede a Ajustes
  2. Accede a Redes móviles
  3. Activa los Datos móviles e Itinerancia de datos
  4. Selecciona Tipo de red preferido 3G
  5. Abra la opción APN
  6. NOMBRE: internet
  7. APN: internet
  8. En los tres puntos situados arriba a la derecha pulsa Guardar
  9. Selecciona el APN que acabas de crear
  10. Reiniciar móvil


  1. Acceder a Configuración del sistema
  2. Acceder a Red móvil y seleccionar agregar APN
  3. En este apartado tenemos que dejar vacío el apartado Red móvil y SIM y APN Internet.
  4. En el campo APN escribe internet
  5. Pulsar guardar
  6. Si después de probar estas configuraciones tienes algún problema, ponte en contacto con nosotros para que podamos ayudarte.


  1. Access to Settings of the telephone
  2. Go to the option “Security and Location” or “Security and Privacy”
  3. Enter the tab Privacy
  4. Select the option SIM card lock
  5. Once inside, go to Change SIM card pin
  6. You must enter the current PIN and then the new PIN
  7. Guarda la configuración


  1. Access to Settings of the telephone
  2. Click on Mobile data
  3. Once inside we select SIM PIN
  4. Select Change PIN
  5. You must enter the current PIN and then the new PIN
  6. Save the settings.

To deactivate the voicemail of your mobile, dial ##002# and call key. 

In order to listen to voicemail messages, you must call 242 from your mobile line.

If you are asked for an access code to access the options, dial 0000.

Once you have been able to access, follow these steps to carry out the different options it offers you.

  1. Press 1 to listen to mailbox messages
  2. Press 3 to customize voicemail options
  3. Press 2 to change the greeting or add a personalized one.


To activate it, dial *21* phone number (to which you want to forward the call), add # after the number and press the call key.

Para desactivarlo marca #21# y pulsa la tecla de llamada.


To activate it dial *67* phone number (to which you want to forward the call), add # after the number and press the call key.

To deactivate it, dial #67# and press the call key.


To activate it dial *61* phone number (to which you want to forward the call), add # after the number and press the call key.

To deactivate it, dial #61# and press call.


To activate it dial *62* phone number (to which you want to forward the call), add # after the number and press the call key.


To deactivate it dial #62# and call key.

To prolong the ringtone dial **61* phone number ** ringtone time in seconds # and press the call key.


To activate it dial *67*556#.

To disable it, #67#.


To activate this option, dial *43# and press the call key.

To deactivate it, #43#.


To call with this option you must dial #31#, the number you want to call and press the call key.

If you want to enjoy all the content on demand from any device and wherever you are, sign up for television with Closeness and we will offer you this and much more.

  • Servicio replay/review
  • Access to programs and series on any device
  • adaptive video
  • Live channel viewing
  • Capacity for 5 simultaneous connections through user profiles

In addition, you will be able to easily access and find all the content with great ease through the application and its interactive menu.

Discover all the channels in the following link!

If you don't have a Smart TV but would like to contract this service, we give you the option of renting or buying a decoder to be able to access the content in the same way.

Contact us to learn more about available options and prices.

If you need help with the internal configuration of any of the devices you have at home such as computers, alarm systems, printers, etc., contact the person in charge or the IT person.

At Closeness we do not provide assistance in this type of configuration specific to each device or system.

Any doubts? We can talk.

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